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Event Planning and Services

Event Consultation/Logistics


Let us help you plan your event!  We work many fairs, festivals, concerts and more all over the region.  This gives a working knowledge of what works and what doesn't in certain areas.  Planning events can be tedious and having experienced support will not only make your event the best it can be but also relieve a little stress on you.  Who doesn't want that?   We are glad to come to meetings and help with entertainment booking, festival layout and planning, logistics and more.  Send us an email for more information.

Event Services:

We offer a wide array of other services that can greatly help you and your event!


Power:  We can provide a 56KW Whisper Watt Generator that will power all stage requirements for your event.  Also this ultra quiet generator can be used to provide power in other locations for weddings, vendors, and more.  We have several distro panels to break out multiple circuits for a wide array of needs.  Pricing varies upon event needs.


Communication: We offer up to 20 quality radios for event staff. These lightweight radios have up to 16ch's which prior to the event we will generate a ch list for personnell. These radios will allow you to keep in touch with production staff, event staff, private security, and more. No more trying to hear a cell phone in your pocket or waiting for someone to answer a text. Stop running around your event grounds trying to locate another staff member. Instant push to talk communication for the extent of your event!


Green Room (trailer/tent):  We now are able to convert one of our trailers to a small green room.  A 8.5x16 trailer with AC/ and lighting for larger jobs or a simple 10x10 tent for general use.  Small tables and hairs provided.   Ice Chest with water, and soft drinks chilled for all artist and staff use. (Beer must be supplied by client) Finger sandwiches, chips, cookies etc.. will also be provided. This small green room allows your artist and staff to sit down for a moment relax grab a snack and drink before/during/after their performance. We can provide this service to you as it's normally a forgotten item on many event to do lists. It keeps the artists happy and willing to come back year after year.















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